Coronavirus fight / shopkeepers will not be able to charge much price for three ply masks, the central government fixed the price of 16 rupees

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  • The decision was taken at a meeting between the Ministry of Consumer Affairs and face mask manufacturers on Thursday
  • These prices of the mask will be effective till June 30, before the price of 200 ml bottle of sanitizer was fixed at Rs 100.
  • Earlier, on 21 March, the department fixed the price of two and three ply surgical masks at Rs 8 and 10.

Delhi: The central government has fixed the price of three fly face masks at Rs 16. The decision was taken in a meeting between the officials of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs and mask makers on Thursday. After the meeting, Pawan Aggarwal, Secretary, Ministry of Consumer Affairs, told that the manufacturers were facing many challenges due to the situation not being clear on the price of 3-ply masks. So we have now fixed the retail price of one such mask at Rs 16. These prices will be effective till June 30. At the same time, in view of the increasing demand for sanitizer and mask, the department is also busy in ensuring its availability. 

Earlier, the central government had fixed prices after the coronavious outbreak, as the prices of hand sanitizers and masks made. 

Consumer Affairs Minister Ram Vilas Paswan had said that under the Essential Commodities Act, the cost of fabric used in 2 and 3 ply surgical masks will remain the same as it was on 12 February 2020. After this, the retail price of a two-ply surgical mask was Rs 8 per mask, while the three-ply mask was priced at Rs 10. At the same time, the maximum price for a 200 mL hand sanitizer has been fixed at Rs 100. These prices will also be effective till June 30.

The government has declared sanitizers and masks as essential items.

In the same month, the government declared sanitizer and mask as essential items. These steps were taken by the government to stop hoarding of these items. The central government had on March 19 fixed the maximum price of alcohol used in making hand sanitizers.

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