Why did Rahul Dravid declare the innings in the Multan Test match, when Sachin was on 194?

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Rahul Dravid once said in an interview that had I charged a dollar every time a person question me about why I declared the inning when Sachin was on 194, I would have been a millionaire by now. And why not, declaring the inning when the best player of the world is near a landmark would surely grab the eyes of the world. However, the reasons which Rahul Dravid gave were quite satisfactory and I believe he was right in doing so.

You know it well enough how nervous Sachin Tendulkar got when he reached the score of 90 and in this nervousness, he had lost his wicket many times in 90s, even a couple of times on 99 as well. So to ensure that he reached the century on time, Sachin played as many balls as possible and scored only on loose balls. Well, this would have been fine enough on any other day, but when the team needs to wrap up the batting quickly, Sachin wasting balls just to score a double century was not any good.

And surely, the team winning the match was far better an achievement than Sachin scoring a double century. So to prevent any further waste of time, which was critical at the moment, Dravid declared the innings. Neither Sachin nor Dravid felt sorry for the incident and neither should the fans be.

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